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Delightfully Dusty Tour Dates


Due to Corona Virus PLEASE check our tour dates and cancellations, we are working with venues to rearrange as many dates as possible for either 2021 or 2022. Please be aware dates may change and we will do our best to keep you updated. Take care and stay safe!!

february 2021

202127feb7:30 pmWALK LIKE A MANKilworth House Hotel & Theatre7:30 pm

202127feb9:00 pmWALK LIKE A MANThoresby Hall 9:00 pm

march 2021

202106mar9:00 pmMY MY! - ABBA THE CONCERTBodelwyddan Castle9:00 pm

202106mar9:00 pmWALK LIKE A MANCorton Coastal Resort, Lowestoft9:00 pm

202120mar9:00 pmDISCO INFERNONidd Hall Hotel, Harrogate9:00 pm

202120mar9:00 pmWALK LIKE A MANLakeside Coastal Village 9:00 pm

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april 2021

202127apr7:30 pmWALK LIKE A MANThoresby Hall7:30 pm

may 2021

202101may7:30 pmWALK LIKE A MANBowdon Rooms7:30 pm

202115may9:00 pmDISCO INFERNONorton Grange9:00 pm

202128may9:00 pmDISCO INFERNOThoresby Hall 9:00 pm

202129may9:00 pmDISCO INFERNOHolme Lacy House Hotel, Herefordshire9:00 pm

june 2021

202112jun9:00 pmWALK LIKE A MANLakeside Coastal Village 9:00 pm

202126jun9:00 pmMY MY! - ABBA THE CONCERTNidd Hall Hotel, Harrogate9:00 pm

july 2021

202110jul7:30 pmDISCO INFERNOStudley Castle7:30 pm

202117jul7:30 pmTHE RAT PACK - SWINGIN' AT THE SANDSAlvaston Hall7:30 pm

202117jul9:00 pmMY MY! - ABBA THE CONCERTNidd Hall Hotel, Harrogate9:00 pm

202124jul9:00 pmWALK LIKE A MANCricket St Thomas 9:00 pm

august 2021

202114aug9:00 pmDISCO INFERNOBodelwyddan Castle 9:00 pm

202121aug9:00 pmTHE RAT PACK - SWINGIN' AT THE SANDSNidd Hall Hotel, Harrogate9:00 pm

september 2021

202101sep9:00 pmRat Pack - Swingin' at the SandsHolme Lacy House Hotel, Herefordshire9:00 pm

202104sep7:30 pmWalk Like A ManKilworth House Theatre7:30 pm

202118sep9:00 pmJust My ImaginationCricket St Thomas 9:00 pm

202119sep7:30 pmMY MY - ABBA THE CONCERTKilworth House Hotel & Theatre7:30 pm

october 2021

202116oct9:00 pmWalk Like A ManLakeside Coastal Village 9:00 pm

november 2021

202106nov9:00 pmThe Rat Pack - Swingin' at the SandsLakeside Coastal Village 9:00 pm

202106nov9:00 pmDisco InfernoGunton Hall, Lowestoft9:00 pm

202114nov9:00 pmThe Rat Pack - Swingin' at the SandsGunton Coastal Village 9:00 pm

202127nov7:30 pmWALK LIKE A MANSinah Warren7:30 pm

december 2021

202111dec7:30 pmWALK LIKE A MANBembridge Coast Hotel7:30 pm

february 2022

202218feb7:30 pmWalk Like A ManEllesmere Port Civic Hall7:30 pm

march 2022

202203mar7:30 pmWalk Like A ManThe Hawth, Crawley7:30 pm

202205mar8:30 pmJust My ImaginationThe Muni Theatre 8:30 pm

202211mar7:30 pmJust My ImaginationBournemouth Pavilion 7:30 pm

202211mar7:30 pmDISCO INFERNOEasterbrook Hall, Dumfries7:30 pm

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april 2022

202202apr7:30 pmJust My ImaginationWhite Rock Theatre 7:30 pm

202208apr7:30 pmDisco InfernoCivic Arts Centre, Oswaldthistle7:30 pm

202208apr7:30 pmJUST MY IMAGINATIONWhitehall Theatre, Dundee 7:30 pm

202214apr7:30 pmDISCO INFERNOLyric Theatre, Carmarthen7:30 pm

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may 2022

202206may7:30 pmJUST MY IMAGINATIONBarry Memo Arts Centre7:30 pm

202207may7:30 pm10:00 pmJust My ImaginationThe Lyric Theatre 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

202207may7:30 pmJUST MY IMAGINATIONLyric Theatre, Carmarthen7:30 pm

202213may7:30 pmWalk Like A ManNorthwich Memorial7:30 pm

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june 2022

202210jun7:30 pmJUST MY IMAGINATIONThe Cresset, Peterborough7:30 pm

202218jun7:30 pmJust My ImaginationArts Centre, Aberystwyth7:30 pm

september 2022

202209sep7:30 pmDisco InfernoWebster Theatre7:30 pm

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